Cloaked UFO in Florida appeared two weeks earlier over Scottsdale in Arizona - Feb 4, 2014

Cloaked UFO photographed above North Scottsdale AZ, 85250 – Crossroads: Raintree dr. and northsite blvd. on January 10, 2014.

Joseph Gutierrez: I had just got into work around 7:20 AM MST, clocked in and began reading emails as I do every morning. The sun began to rise through my 3rd floor office window. I notice a dust storm rolling through as an overcasted day but paid not attention to the weather changing. 5 minutes into working I heard loud military jets fly overhead which is unusual. We do have an airport next to us, but I have never heard jets fly this loud.

So I decided to get up from my desk and look out the window to see the jets were there. I did not witness any, that’s when I noticed up ahead a saucer like UFO cloud that was very unusual to see.

When I first noticed the UFO saucer, I thought it was a cloud and sat back at my desk. Checking emails and working for about 10 minutes in, I looked out the window a second time and noticed the saucer had still been there and if not more presentable with the sun rising and dust storm rolling in.

I took my I-phone out and started taking pictures of it. It seemed to have not moved at all – it was just hovering over this building.

I knew after a while of seeing this thing it had to be a UFO. It was a perfect flying saucer. I wanted to call in my neighbor employee friends to my office to take a look, I remember walking out in the hallway to see if anyone had made it to the office yet and there was no one in.

By the time I went back to see the UFO, it was gone. Disappeared in plane sight or made itself cloaked and unpresentable again.

I have shared the photos with friends and family since. From here on out I’m always looking out my office windows. I did post the picture on instagram that same day and there were other comments by locals that had witnessed this UFO driving north on the 101.

Two weeks later, on January 24, 2014, an almost identical, or maybe the same cloaked UFO appeared in the sky over Orlando, Florida.

Cloaking alien craft photographed over Orlando, Florida

And last year in October, our regular reader Selma Mubarrem, UK, took a photograph of a cloaked object.

Selma: “I took these pictures in my garden on 26/27 October in the afternoon on a day that a storm was to hit us after midnight with winds 80mph. I did not even notice the object till I looked back at the pictures and saw a solid disk object in the strange UFO-like cloud”.

The cloaked objects are secret experimental military craft or maybe real UFO’s from space?

Image cloaked UFO Scottsdale, Arizona via Ken Pfeiffer


  1. the first photos look like typical lenticular clouds that forms low over the horizon. The last photo showing the cylindrical structure inside the cloud is more interesting. But would have to see the high res to make any conclusions.


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