Ghost Caught On Camera at Ye Olde Man and Scythe Pub in Bolton, UK - Feb 14, 2014 (Video)

This is actual CCTV footage recorded at Ye Olde Man and Scythe pub in Bolton, the fourth oldest pub in Britain which dates back to 1251.

The footage was recorded on the night of Friday 14th February 2014. 

Management discovered the footage later on in the morning of that same day after checking why the CCTV had stopped recording at 6.18 am.

The pub is reputedly haunted by the Seventh Earl of Derby, James Stanley. 

The royalist, whose family originally owned the inn, is said to have spent the last hours of his life there before he was beheaded in 1651 towards the end of the Civil War.



  1. So since 1651 this ghost decided to appear for a glimpse of few seconds in 2014 ???
    a halloween trick faked would probably looked more convincing than this rubbish, c'mon let's get real this stuff wouldn't even scare a child nowdays !

  2. Oddly, I provided proof in the YouTube comments that this video has been tampered with and my comment disappeared. Probably flagged as spam or deleted by the account owner. Here it is again:

    Busted: Watch the video frame by frame and at 27 seconds in (06:18:04:01 on the cam timer) you will see the time seems to be overlaid on a previous frame that reads 06:18:03:17. Proof that this video has been tampered with and is not "actual CCTV footage".

  3. Mark you are a little bender you have gone on every news article about this and said the same thing aren't you sick of being a smartarse?

    1. As I stated, I posted it in the original YouTube comments first. The owner could have refuted it, explained it or argued the toss, but instead deleted my comment. I tried to repost under a different account and the same thing happened.
      If you'd have left it at that then you must be pretty submissive... so then why the hostility towards me?
      Vested interest? Scratch that, just saw you're profile, needn't have wasted my time.


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