Huge Meteor Explodes over Santa Fe in Argentina - Feb 19, 2014

Yesterday, a fireball exploded over Santa Fe in Argentina and caused an earthquake.

Scientists said that a meteor crashing to earth could explain reports of a huge explosion 350 km Northwest of Buenos Aires. The loud boom was reported at 10.00 am (13.00 GMT) in Argentina’s central-eastern province of Santa Fe.

A few days ago NASA said that a huge Asteroid (2000 EM26) as wide of as 3 football fields was going to pass Earth on the 17th, but don’t worry, this asteroid is flying past our planet 2 million miles away.

NASA was right, asteroid 2000 EM26 did not pose any danger, BUT what they not tell us that every asteroid has a tail of dust and rocks and the Santa Fe meteor was clearly a fragment or product of the bigger asteroid.

We see it all over again, every time if a big asteroid passes Earth, a meteor shower follows or even a bigger space rock falls on Earth, like the meteor crash in Russia.

It is just a matter of time before it really goes wrong!



  1. Once again, something NASA was watching hits our atmosphere and NASA says the meteoric event was not related to the NEO they were watching. Well, actually, now they admit these massive asteroids have trails of debris following them. The Chelyabinsk event was clearly 2012 DA14, but NASA said it was not. 2012 DA14 passed us .09 distances from the Moon, under our satellites, and NASA showed us a lousy video of a tiny little rock zipping past us and said that was 2012 DA14, and what hit Chelyabinsk was something they never saw. I just don't see why they can't tell the truth. 2013NJ hit over Canada and produced a major meteoric event with sonic booms and a flash seen from Quebec City to Ottawa. People don't pay attention to what's going on because NASA is saying nothing, but meteors producing sonic booms is not normal, especially as many as we've been having in the past few years. There will be a major meteoric event and the people wont have a clue what's going on because the people in charge will say nothing, and the news will only be talking about Lindsay Lohan going back to rehab or Justin Bieber getting another speeding ticket. Our leadership is so corrupt right now in 100 years there will be thousands of books describing these times as the most wrought by deceit, lies, and corruption. Yet, now as we live in these despicable times most people have no idea how bad it really is because nobody in power is talking about it.

    1. Of course they will not talk about it, mainly due to the average world citizen being about as dense as a brick, too glued to the latest Miley article or whats beiber has been up to or is smoking. The average person would go into panic mode upon hearing about a potential ELE, stock market would go crazy with selling, mass suicide, schools closed from kids being pulled from classes, workplaces empty, not to mention police leaving their jobs and crime going through the roof. The system falls down as people switch into self preservation mode over society.


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