Mars Rover Curiosity images show mysterious rocks that appear and disappear! Feb 24, 2014

Rocks appear and disappear while the images are quite the same.

How is it possible that those rocks appear and disappear?

Two pictures show the same rock formation, but on the first photo there are NO rocks but on the second photo we see TWO rocks.

Both pictures are taken from some distance, so it is impossible that these rocks have been moved by the wheels of the curiosity.

SOL 549 - there are NO rocks.
Image S Mastcam: Left 2014-02-21 06:12:54 UTC

SOL 550 - we see TWO ROCKS.
Mastcam: Left 2014-02-22 06:45:45 UTC

Further, SOL 549 shows a strange anomaly.



  1. There IS a change in the Angle, I wonder if that some how figures into it?

    Other wise, very curious.
    Almost like some one is Trying to send a message.


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