Mysterious Ball of Light over Qihe County, Shandong, China - Feb 15, 2014

According to the Shandong Qilu radio and television channel "La Gua" recently in Qihe County, Shandong a mysterious ball of light fell from the sky and ended up in the backyard of a family living in Qihe county, Shandong.

The family, who lost their grandmother eight day earlier, didn’t pay too much attention to the Orb, but when the ball of light flew into their house they ran into panic as they thought the Orb was the returning soul of their grandmother.

After several minutes the Orb followed his route and disappeared.

The reporter of the shading Qilu radio suggested maybe someone was playing with a laser gun or flash light, but the family rejected his suggestion by pointing to a burned spot on the wall left by the ball of light. (Translated).

Watch video of the Ball of Light: