We shall force congress hearings on ETs here - Steve Bassett moves from mock hearings to real disclosure!

Hosts Dr. Sasha and Janet Kira Lessin interview Steve Bassett, who orchestrated the disclosure hearings last year, on his campaign to force congress to hold hearings about legislation to end the trillion-dollar black project truth embargo that has kept secret the continuing disinformation about ET presence, technology sharing and potential to end our dependency on fossil fuels, nuclear power and war industries.

The overwhelming evidence of ET intervention to abort nuclear war, display space travel means and hybridize ETs and Earthlings recorded in on DVD from the mock ET hearings last year will be presented, says Bassett, to every member of congress.

A campaign we citizens will demand congressional representatives peruse thee DVDs will, he says, force Congress and the President to end the truth embargo and allow us to enjoy gifts of pollution-free energy, space travel and advanced medicine offered us by the ETs. Read details at extraterrestrialcontact


    The process of disclosure has already begun.
    We are now being steadily conditioned to accept life out there, and visitations here.
    You may not agree, But it is My opinion that Many people that we Think we can trust to effect disclosure, Are in fact already working for the agencies which keep the truth from us.
    I am Not my self convinced that this fellow Steve is on the up and up.
    His comments that when disclosure comes it will be forthcoming and truthful, and that there will be no lies mixed with the truth, puts me on guard against this fellow.
    It is My opinion that No one can come this far, be in such a position as this fellow, or Greer, or Alex Jones, many others, and Not be aware of how deep the rabbit hole actually goes.
    That Disclosure is Part of the agenda to create a new world order.
    By making us afraid of aliens, and create solidarity and unity out of global fear, fulfilling the new world order agenda.
    It will be based on a false flag Alien encroachment.
    Haarp, Project blue beam, and much more will be utilized in creating the deception of alien hostility.
    Dont even get me started on undisclosed technologies which have been traded for, or reverse engineered from captured crafts through the last century.

    That people can be in such a position as to be an authority on the subject matter, and Not know whats actually planned and coming, when little ol ME does? Sorry, I smell fishy-ness.

    Again, you need not agree with me as I sit here with my conspiracy theories and tin foil hat (not)
    But, I am of the opinion that All of this Will have aliens behind it ultimately. More than one faction, some opposing one another. But the ones already leading the Illuminati / bank corporate cartels, Do Not need to lift a hostile finger what so ever.
    They Already have control of most things through their puppets.
    That in the end, when things are at their worst long term, they can arrive to be seen as benevolent, offering us a great deal. And we will gladly and willingly Give it to them, satisfying certain laws out there which pertain to free will and none direct interference unless asked for.
    But there will be a price.

    I am willing to debate the matter, But will not entertain comments from people whom wish to criticize the commenter, rather than addressing the subject matters at hand.


    1. I always said it that the world should have one currency and I called it credits. I said this back in the late 60's early 70's. How was I to know that that comment would be almost true. When the EU got together I said that we were going to a one world government. The evil doers are the ones who make all the laws, start all the wars, and make sure most are in poverty and can't fight back. everyone has an opinion as the the who and what is really behind this. Revolution is not the answer but the question if you can figure out what I'm getting at. As for those who call most of the world's population USELESS EATERS, If they decide that 6 plus billion people need to be misplaced, my question is this. Who will fix their broken stuff? Clean their toilets? plant their food and raise their cattle etc? Will you think the security forces will do this work for them? I have to say this much. This world is F'ed up and we all made it this way. How you say? GREED! So if they announce that Aliens are real and are here I wouldn't be shocked. The sad thing is that people are stupid and will believe what the world governments will tell them. You can't fix stupid. I like reading your comments on this site Varakienen and have enjoyed them from the other site I was on before it wend off line. I would like to hear what you would say on this subject further. I look forward to your response as you have never let me down with many other responses you have made.

    2. It seems my hand is forced and I am doomed to respond. lol.

      Yes, the plan is to get rid of the worlds population down well past 1 billion remaining.
      In fact, the exact projected number is 500,000,000 Five hundred million.
      Who will do their work for them? Provide for them?
      Thier numbers are Very few indeed, those who view us as useless eaters.
      A few thousand at best. The inner circles consisting of a few dozen.
      That leaves nearly 500 million left to do the work.

      We are SO dependent upon Their power supplies, their shipping and processing of our foods, that if the plug is pulled, we will literally be in the dark ages but worse off because we no longer know how to grow our own food.
      Monsanto has saturated the world with GMO produce and grain products for which, you can Only plant the seed Once. That seed grows to bare fruit, but that fruit will Not be replantable, will not fertilize or germinate.
      Farmers now have to buy New seed from Monsanto every year, where once they would leave a portion of their crop to go to seed for use in next years planting. This is not illegal in many places.

      So, when the plug is pulled, All food shipments stop. All transportation, and communication will stop. Most house holds are supplied with enough food to last them only a few weeks, perhaps as long as a month or two if rationed.
      Next? All water flow stops.
      We have wells and fresh water rivers and lakes you say?
      I Promice you their think tanks are Way ahead of you and there will be massive contamination of all water sources.
      In the first few months, people will turn on one another and rape and pillage for each others provisions. This can literally kill a 3rd of the worlds population in and of it self.
      But we are just getting started.
      It will then be time to release Several biologically engineered plagues.
      With starvation, chaos and murder, fear of plague and more, people will be rounded up and placed in camps. These camps will determine individual usefulness. As was done with the Jews in WW 2.
      The useless among them will be moved to different camps and simply, disappear.
      Some where in this mix there will likely be a cataclysm.
      Perhaps a massive solar flare which purportedly knocks out all electronics, the Yellowstone super volcano erupts, a comet or asteroid strike. Nibiru's passing, Perhaps more than one.
      It will damage the ecology for at least a few years, Globally.

      At What point a false flag Alien incursion is perpetrated, I cannot say. But it Will be in there, Likely to pull people together at last, for fear will dictate a notion of genocide if people do not cooperate.

      The Illuminati think tanks have been pumping out data and idea's for some 2+ centuries.
      They have Already thought of and in some way or another Tested all contingencies.
      And in My opinion, received instruction and technology from Non terrestrials bent on making this world theirs with out ever needing to become directly physically involved.
      For they already have servants in the highest of places.

      I could add much more to the above. But I think my point is made.
      It matters not weather people choose to believe my notions or not.
      I my self hold little hope of us catching on as a species in time. The game has simply progressed too far. The second the potential exists for us to awaken to the deception and plan, they will pull the plug Before we can in any way unify.
      Thus, most will be left in the dark as to what is truly happening.

      I my self am investing in spirituality. Meditation, health and such. I have No problem with dying.
      My soul goes on.
      Who Knows, I may even be taken for the Rapture, by Other benevolent non terrestrials. lol. ;)

      There's my two cents. We have at Least a few years left. But when All the smaller countries are at last conquered and their resources claimed, a Rothschild central bank implemented on their soil. Then the time will be Very short indeed.



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