Alien signal discovered from habitable star 100 light years away

On Aug. 15, 1977, as part of the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, or SETI, Ohio State University's Big Ear radio observatory detected a strong 72-second radio signal from the direction of the Sagittarius constellation.

When astronomer Jerry Ehman noticed the unusual spike, consisting of six letters and numbers on the computer printout, he wrote the word "Wow!" in the margin of the sheet.

Scientists tried to find this Wow signal again but it never reappeared.

SETI has discovered a new type of alien signal coming from space.

Unlike the original 1977 "WOW!" signal captured by SETI researchers at Ohio State, this new signal captured in 2010. This incident is mentioned on page 12 of the following paper on a new theoretical type of alien beacon (See link below) and again in 2012, comes from an actual star some 100 light years away.




  1. Interesting… but it may be a little silly searching for a message from aliens in some other galaxy when it could be that there are aliens in the basement of their building or a 100 miles away in an underground area under a military base!

    Don’t laugh, back in the 90′s a government scientist released his notebook full of evidence that our government was working with aliens on high tech projects and even genetic experiments! After the release of this information, he then had to go into hiding.

    This top secret info has become known as “The Blue Planet Project” find out more if you dare!


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