Can Dreams predict Future? Missing Plane and Two Leaders Head to Head!

A group of scientists at Boston’s Harvard Medical School say they’ve made the stunning discovery that dreams are not, as once thought, a series of abstract sensations, images and sounds that occur during sleep, but rather demonstrably real events that take place in an alternate universe that can only be accessed during certain stages of unconsciousness.

That dreams are real events is an amazing discovery, but there is much ignorance going about pertaining to dreams and their predictive ability. The real fact is that at least 10% of all dreams predict some future event. The only question is whether you will perceive the dream as a physical event in future or as an emotionally experienced one.

On June 16, 2013, 9Nania uploaded a video talking about some strange dreams she was having about an airplane and about two leaders facing off both accompanied by huge armies.

Today, March 24, 2014: The missing flight MH 370, power play between Putin and Obama and it is confirmed that Israel closes embassies all over the world as diplomats go on indefinite strike and Israel will not be represented at any international gatherings during the strike. Even the Foreign Ministry’s political leadership and management will be locked out. 1. Read more and 2. Read more 

Israel is a delegate nation at Nuclear Security Summit in Den Hague, The Netherlands, March 24 and March 25 and I guess now this means they’ve pulled out at the last minute. Where we have seen this before, indeed 9/11.

You may wonder if something huge is coming.

Nania’s dreams actually predicted the events we see occurring today? Please watch the following two videos and decide for yourself.



  1. The Civilian is a satire site. It's not real news. It's fake.


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