Donut Shaped Dimensional Entity filmed over Melbourne, Australia - Mar 10, 2014

A strange, donut-shaped dimensional entity suddenly appeared over Melbourne, Australia.

The unusual flying transparent objects seem to be presenting themselves more frequently.

The Tether incident, filmed by NASA was the first notable film showing donut-shaped entities. It appears that these UFOs are using some sort of portal as they seem to vanish into and appear out of nowhere.



  1. Referring to the editor, why calling a donut shaped dimensional entity, while is clearly an Archon ?
    Archons as you have said in other articles are the interdimensional entities or the negative controllers of humankind which they seem to appear and disapper through some sort of their very own portals.
    It would be interesting to have an investigation about these mysterious portals as it seems pretty clear that Archons do indeed exist !

  2. That is WOW. Good footage, non tampered with and just purely amazing. Thank you


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