Photograph of Islands of Mars 'Trees' - Mar 17, 2014

Martian Sand Dunes in Spring and.. 'Trees'?

'Trees' on Mars? 

This is the explanation of NASA:

Mars’ northern-most sand dunes are beginning to emerge from their winter
cover of seasonal carbon dioxide (dry) ice. Dark, bare south-facing slopes are soaking up the warmth of the sun.

At first glance this hilly desert landscape appears to show islands of trees casting shadows on reddened soil.But the trees are actually dark material to streak down the slopes.

The steep lee sides of the dunes are also ice-free along the crest, allowing sand to slide down the dune. Dark splotches are places where ice cracked earlier in spring, releasing sand. Soon the dunes will be completely bare and all signs of spring activity will be gone.

But Author Arthur C. Clarke has a different opinion and noted that these forms appear to change with the seasons, growing with the warmth and increased sunlight of Mars's spring season, just as vegetation would. The photo above, reveals much larger forms that look like spreading trees as seen from above.

Scientists believe water activity affected the plateau after the formation of the nearby canyons. Although the source of water and sediment remains uncertain.

The image was acquired by the HiRISE camera aboard NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on Jan. 16, 2014.


  1. Though I DO believe there is plant life in places on mars, and even sizable living animals, I cannot say I know what I am looking at Here, or that it is certain evidence of life on mars.

    But thats Me.

  2. i see no trees in that picture!
    the black spots might just be a form of algae.
    and the things that look like tree's are at most fossilized remnants of trees from a long time ago that just being exposed by the motion of the sand dunes, these things still happen in our Sahara here on earth. trees from a long lost time buried in the sands exposed by the wind over time!
    but life trees no sir.


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