Project Blue Beam? Moon Hologram, Energy Pulse and Giant 75 miles wide UFO – Mar 11, 2014

The Moon : Holographic Reality?

According to ccrow777: “The following footage of the Moon is a filmed event and not a camera malfunction and it lends evidence to my belief that the moon is physically there but hidden behind a hologram”.

“In the clip I discovered an energy pulse during the beginning of the first hologram wave. Additionally, I think there is a giant UFO shadow in front of the hologram wave that I thought was a bird - until now.


The next clip examines the moon hologram with some surprising results and takes a very close look at the UFO shadow.

The UFO is roughly 75 miles wide and it appears 4 seconds after the hologram wave begins.

If it is a hologram is it just there to mask what’s really going on?


An Interview with David Icke recorded on February 13, 2012 on the Isle of Wight.

Mr. Icke talks about the Moon: ‘A holographic reality?’ and The Truman Show. 

In the film The Truman Show the sky/moon is purely a projection and Jim Carrey is the average guy going about his everyday life but then searching for answers much like the collective groups today and realizing everything is false.

As you know films depict reality in ways we never thought could be true.

The truth could be right in front of us every night just staring us right in the face just simply covered by a projection.


  1. OK I don't think it is your camera. The big question is where is the holographic projector? Even bigger question to ask if the model of the universe correct? Perhaps we should not make assumptions given that you hypothesis is already not in conformity with main stream views. So why not go all the way? Have you looked into skycentrism aka concave earth theory? Perhaps this will help you conceive of where the projector is with respect to the moon.

    The Earth Egg: the Real Hollow Earth! - YouTube

  2. How much more obvious can it get:

    Project Blue Beam is the "blue beam" that was generated from the HAARP site in Norway just before Obama's arrival for the Peace Award in 2009!

    To this day, it's been all but forgotten without any plausible explanation - move along nothing to see here - just swamp gas!


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