Spectacular Discovery: Our Universe May Exist in a Multiverse - Mar 19, 2014

The first direct evidence of cosmic inflation — a period of rapid expansion that occurred a fraction of a second after the Big Bang — also supports the idea that our universe is just one of many out there, some researchers say.

Image: History of the universe. Click on image to enlarge.

On Monday (March 17), scientists announced new findings that mark the first-ever direct evidence of primordial gravitational waves — ripples in space-time created just after the universe began.

If the results are confirmed, they would provide smoking-gun evidence that space-time expanded at many times the speed of light just after the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago. Read more

In the following video, assistant Professor Chao-Lin Kuo surprises Professor Andrei Linde with evidence that supports cosmic inflation theory.

The discovery, made by Kuo and his colleagues at the BICEP2 experiment, represents the first images of gravitational waves, or ripples in space-time.



  1. This is a great discovery and will help open the way to disclosure very gradually.

  2. The thing I will never understand is how everything came from nothing, a single point smaller than anything you can imagine expanding beyond comprehension.

  3. I my self do Not subscribe to the big bang theory as it currently stands.
    I cannot say I have another Better theory to replace it, I just dont buy into the one going.

    For one thing, it does not take into account properly all vibrational levels and dimensions. It does not take into full consideration, All dark matter. Which is Unknown Unaccountable mass in the universe, not actually dark at all.
    It is only recently Trying like heck to take into consideration multiple realities and alterante universes, but cannot account for all of them.
    With so much missing from the math, How can any one come up with a sum to an inacurate equation?

    Thus, the current big bang theory does not work for me.



  4. Particle physicist Alan Guth introduced the inflation theory, and then professor Andrei Linde later introduced the multiverse theory from that idea. So each deserve credit, along with professor Chao-Lin Kuo and his colleagues for their work in finding the evidence that lends support to the theories. Congratulations to all of them. Good work guys!


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