UFO-Circle of Light in the clouds over Virginia - Mar 12, 2014

CBS 6 was contacted via email and Twitter about a photo snapped Thursday at Southpark Mall, that allegedly captured a UFO in the clouds.

Erica Skiddle said was with her mother and sister tonight at the Southpark Mall. They were leaving a department store and exited around 6:30 p.m. to a "weird and ominous" sky.

"My mom and I took several pictures of the sky and while we began looking through our pictures, I noticed in one of mine that there was something," Skiddle wrote via email. "I had no flash in, nor a filter." "And my mom looked through hers and also saw she had whatever it was in one of hers," she added.

Erica described what she and her mom saw in the pictures as looking "...like there are six little lights, in like a hexagon, I don't know, it just looks weird."

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, for as long as they have been keeping records, 1,490 UFOs have been reported in the grand state of Old Virginny.


  1. I believe this UFO just to be a reflection. You see the woman was sitting inside her car looking out the front windshield when taking the photo. How do I know? Because the camera hight is equal to the windshield height of the other cars in the parking lot. Also if you checked the number of glowing lights on the top of each lamp post in that parking lot, you will find each one has six glowing lights to illuminate the parking lot. Please beware of reflections off windows.. Its not a UFO

  2. I will say THIS...

    It is a single photo. Not a film or multiple pics which can show changes in reference for comparison.
    It could Well be an UFO / Actual alien craft. There is Not enough proof here to discount it entirely.
    Sadly, there Is enough Evidence to suggest possible and in this case even Likely explanations as to why it is Not an alien craft/ ufo, but instead a trick of light phenomenon pertaining to reflection and near by light sources.

    What I do, is keep an open Mind on such things. I do Not write it in stone, I reference it and examine possibilities to all sides but make no firm determination or conclusion.
    This helps to build a healthy filter.
    Once you have one, you can see patterns better.
    Patterns in hoaxes, patterns in the unexplained, and so on even in that which rings out as truth.

    Cinsider likely hoods, but try to Never write things in stone, as new data can always change your view down the road, ... But....
    Its harder to ALLOW for that new data to influence you once you have firmly made up your mind on some thing.
    Its psychology 101 and human nature.
    And it Leads to this old sayings validity.
    "It is Easier to Fool some one, than to convince them they have already been fooled." Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain.
    Why? because said people have already firmly implanted a belief system or conclusion into their data and psychological foundation. It leads to closed minded, and over looking or bad judgement on future new evidence which may conflict which one THINKS they already Know.

    So I say to you. Do Not write it in stone. defend the argument in your mind from Both sides, even the one you Think you should oppose. This will allow you to build healthier more discerning philters and assessment tools.

    ...I suppose I should copy and print this else where. Its a rather important seed which needs planting in many a closed mind.

    Be well.


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