‘Woman in Black’ on Mars, photographed by Curiosity – Mar 19, 2014

Recently released photos of the surface of Mars taken by Mars Rover Curiosity showing some remarkable human-like figures and shadows.

But what is it?

Just rocks and the images are the result of human interpretation.

First image is an amazing shade what looks like a female figure with a pony tail.

Second image is a tiny figure what looks like a human figure and probably a few million years of Martian winds sculpted it into an odd shape unless of course the little Martian men can hold the same pose for weeks or longer at a time.

It remains a strange phenomenon, the figure does not fit into the surrounding landscape.

The tiny figure is similar to another remarkable image on Mars, taken by the Spirit in 2007 what looks like a female figure.

Link NASA Image 1
Link NASA Image 2


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