Amazing: Meteorite or UFO almost hits Norwegian skydiver – Apr 4, 2014

In 2012 Anders Helstrup and several other members of Oslo Parachute Club jumped from a small plane that had taken off from Østre Æra Airport in Hedmark.

Helstrup, wearing a wing suit and with two cameras fixed to his helmet, released his parachute. On the way down he realized something was happening.

Immediately after landing, he looked through the film from the jump, which clearly showed that something did happen.

Something that looks like a stone hurtles past Helstrup – clearing him by only a few meters.

Later that day, Helstrup returned to Oslo. But he could not stop thinking about his strange experience, so he took time off from work to go back to the Rena area for a couple of days to look for the stone – but with no luck.

The meteorite community seemed convinced that this was a meteorite, although Helstrup is still not completely convinced that it was indeed a meteorite that flew past him. Read full story here



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