Cigar-Shaped UFO caught by Mars Rover Curiosity similar to UFO Popocatépetl Volcano – Apr 29, 2014

A collage of six frames 613 Navcams taken by the camera Curiosity, which captures the passage of a UFO on the surface of mars, came down from heaven.

In fact, these images are reminiscent of the UFO recorded on Popocatépetl Volcano in 2012, which showed a cigar-shaped object with white and a diameter of about 270 meters.

This UFO was caught accidentally by Curiosity Rover April 28, 2014 seems to repeat the same object in Mexico.



  1. What is seen is a Martian moon... but a series of long-exposure images of Phobos!

  2. With all of the evidence that is being collected around the world, something has to give. I am Military intelligence and I can tell you this... we work very hard to keep UFOs and the presence of Aliens on our planet a secret. Underground cities are filled with Alien beings, bases exist in the Earth and under the waters around the globe. What it will take to release the truth is a massive revolution. People cannot just sit and look at these images and videos and say "oohhh look, there are UFO's... we are being lied to" not a chance in hell that disclosure will take place that way. Taking the truth to the liar is the only way. I wish there was more I could tell you, but take this from me... what you have seen here is just a sample of what is going on in and around our solar system alone, not to mention outside of it... and the Aliens are not the only ones traveling there... we are not sitting on Earth wondering how to do it... we are doing it and have been for quite awhile... the system we know as NASA is a front... a babysitting adventure for the public... the true space program is light years ahead and other planets are a norm.


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