Found on Mars: Ancient Building Structure Tools – Apr 11, 2014

The idea that Mars was once the home of an ancient civilization is, of course controversial and NASA and most mainstream scientists won't even consider the notion with any degree of seriousness.

Yet there are many very interesting photos that show structures that do not look natural like the building-like structures captured by Curiosity.

Now, in the follow-up series of images taken in the same area as the building-like structures we see some interesting objects what looks like ancient tools that have been used to build structures.

Could these objects be optical illusions of natural geological formations? Of course. But to dismiss them outright as not possibly being artificial in origin is just as unscientific as declaring that they absolutely are created by intelligent beings.

Here are the images.

original image: SOL 588 

Two artificial wheels/pulleys and two artificial building structure / transportation tools

Close-up wheels/pulleys and building structure / transportation tool

How they build a structure?

Building structure / transportation tool with pillar

Building structure / transportation tool with pillar

There's way too many connections here for it just to be coincidence!


  1. Its a head on the left side. Lying on the back with eyes straight up. Not a building

  2. Really??? if these were remnants of buildings NASA would have airbrushed them out immediately like they do everything else


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