Human Exploration on Mars - NASA versus Mars One Project

While NASA finally starting to talk about human exploration on Mars -- Mars One project is already at an advanced stage with their program to establish a human settlement on the red planet.

Mars One Project, a private space venture plans to beat NASA in getting people to the red planet by at least a decade.

More than 100,000 people are eager to make themselves at home on another planet. They've applied for a one-way trip to Mars, hoping to be chosen to spend the rest of their lives on uncharted territory, according to an organization planning the manned missions.

The next introduction movie shows how Mars One plans to establish a human settlement on Mars.

NASA versus Mars One Project. 

The next two videos are interesting keynote presentations from private space venture Mars One Project and from NASA, the agency funded by the Government. 

1, PI Congress Berlin 2014 - Keynote Bas Lansdorp, CEO Mars One.

Keynote presentation from Bas Lansdorp, Co-founder and CEO Mars One, at the PI Congress 2014 in Berlin, Germany: Establishing a Permanent Human Settlement on Mars.


2. Humans to Mars Summit 2014 – Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator.

Administrator Charles Bolden outlined NASA's human exploration path to Mars during a keynote address at the April 22 Humans to Mars Summit 2014, held at George Washington University in Washington.