Laura Magdalene Eisenhower: ET invasion has already occurred and governments do not want us to know!

In an ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, cosmologist Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, affirmed that an Extraterrestrial invasion has already occurred and governments do not want us to know.

Reiterating her statement before the World Symposium in San Marino, Laura Magdalena Eisenhower stated:

"There has been a massive cover up in regards to ET contact with our governments and there has been much secrecy in regards to those who have been either abducted or contacted - this is because an invasion has already taken place and they don’t want us to know this. This invasion has infiltrated every sector of our society, in disguise to most, but blatantly obvious to many.

When we look at Whistleblower testimony - it is clear that some sort of deal was made with a group of ET’s and from what I have discovered, this began long before Ike (former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Mr. Eisenhower's great-grandfather) ever stepped into office."

Read Laura Magdalene Eisenhower's official ET disclosure statement at exopolitics



  1. Well.. this is pretty much what I have been saying and observing for a few years now. I do not like the word "invasion", though it may very well be just that. It is an incredibly complex situation, and the beings here have mixed genetics. We are all ultimately human, yet some of us are more than that, from a genetic point of view. It's hard for your average person to even understand what that could really mean, but like I said.. it's complex. A collective/hive mind is a difficult thing to understand. Some are unaware, while others are and are going along with the "alien" mindset. Still many, relate more with their "human" side, and just wish to be left alone, and be free of the omnipresent intelligence that invades their every thought and action. It is incredibly crazy and difficult situation to reconcile. I send my love to all who are trying to figure this out. I promise to do all that I can to find a way thru, and that we all can know freedom, because ultimately, it's what we all want.


  3. If aliens are infiltrating our society, presumably to be in a better position to take over, freedom is a highly unlikely outcome indeed, unless we "wake up" in time.

  4. STARMAN... how do YOU propose we "wake up" in time... I'm just curious. I appreciate any and all opinions on the matter.. I'm just not sure what waking up really means. Once we wake up.. then what do we do? Who is to blame? How do we make it right? Ultimately.. we have to find a way to out smart the technology that is being used to manipulate consciousness, freewill, and access to the truth. That.. is no easy answer.

    1. Once our collective consciousness reaches the needed level, all the humans will be bestowed with the cosmic truth and will receive powers beyond our imaginations(unless you have a badass one). What was the only way to ever fight beings who enslave and slaughter, cheat and lie, hide and deceive. We will fight them just like our ancestors did before, and they managed to claim victory. When the time comes YOU will know what to do :).

  5. meditation, raising of personal vibration.

  6. The link I'm posting is definitely worth a read. Can anyone come up with a better explanation for what is going on?
    The only parts I'm not sure about is who is who...really.


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