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Triangle UFO Photographed Over Wichita, Kansas Possible Secret Craft - Apr 18, 2014

While snapping pictures of wildlife in Wichita, Kansas,amateur photographer Jeff Templin noticed something strange streaking across the sky.

To this day, he's still not entirely sure what it was.

Image left: Triangle UFO/Secret Aircraft and inside the image a clearer (green) image of the object that was posted on Sploid
(Click image to enlarge.)

Mr. Templin said the aircraft was making 180 degree turns in the shape of an “S” and the craft was completely silent.

He says, “It was one of ours or at least man-made for sure, so unidentified yes, but extraterrestrial, no.”

Some people have suggested that the aircraft could be a X-47B, X-48C, B-2, or a unmanned aerial vehicle like the RQ-170 or RQ-180 or eventually a new experimental aircraft.
(Click image to enlarge.)

KSN spoke with nearby McConnell Air Force Base. They also were unable to identify the craft.

And according to the aviation experts KSN talked to, none of them were able to identify the craft but most agree that it is a man-made object of some sort.



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