UFO’s: what to do? Deep Secrets of a UFO ‘think tank’ Exposed!

OpenMindsTV Antonio Huneeus examines RAND Corporation's UFO document, titled UFO's: What to do?

The RAND Corp was originally an outgrowth project of World War II, called Project RAND, in May of 1948 it separated from the Douglas Aircraft Company and became its own independent, nonprofit organization.

George Kocher of the RAND Corporation, published this document in November of 1968, a few months after the University of Colorado completed its Condon Report.

The RAND Corp document is broken into five different essays, Historical Aspects, Astronomical Aspects, The Character of Reports, Phenomenological Aspects, and How to Proceed and Why. These essays explore the types of reports and sightings, how they are categorized, and a list of hypotheses that exist surrounding the phenomenon.

The document also provides an example of a detailed UFO report form developed by the University of Colorado's study group.


Read the entire original PDF document ‘UFO’s: what to do?’ online at: http://www.nicap.org/papers/randdoc.htm

RAND Corporation is a UFO 'think tank'.

New investigation reveals that the esteemed RAND Corporation is a 'think tank' that has given far more than "passing thought" to things extraterrestrial.

RAND's hidden history of UFO involvement has been discovered to include work in policy analysis; evaluation of evidence and in advising on the potential technological advantages achieved from UFO study.

Connections have also been found between RAND and the Roswell crash event of 1947.

Read the entire report ‘Deep secrets of a UFO 'think tank' exposed online at http://www.rense.com/general87/deep.htm