Mysterious Lights In The Sky Over Hawaii – May 22, 2014

Hawaii News Now provides witness accounts and up to 40 photos taken from different parts of Hawaii, specifically Oahu, Maui and Lanai, of mysterious lights in the sky, described as "super bright," and "zig zag" lights, with one witness saying. "The first thing that came out of my mind was UFO." Other suggestions included a meteor or a flare.

The news station reported that police also received multiple reports of the strange light pattern, but neither they nor the U.S. Navy spokesman contacted by KGMB knew of any operations that would have caused the event.

"There was nothing unusual going on from our perspective at the time," Maj. Julie Roberge with North American Aerospace Defense Command told KITV-TV.

Later KGMB reported that a local base was planning to launch a test missile this week, so the pattern could be related to that event. A resident told the news station she actually saw the missile go up around the time the pattern was spotted. (image credit kgmb-tv.)


  1. We've seen those zigzag trails before in Southern California, during periodic missile tests. This has nothing to do with UFOs.
    But yes, I'm an ardent believer in EBEs, ARVs, etc.

  2. a lot of the pictures look like the same symbol with the light (3 different ones)


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