Mysterious tornado-like beam comes out of a cloud above Suvanabhumi Airport, Thailand (Video) - May 27, 2014

On May 27th, a new form appeared. Pilot Cherdphong Visarathanonth was in the cockpit of an A320 at the airport in Bangkok, Thailand, when he saw a white tornado-like beam dancing atop this cumulonimbus cloud:"We could see the same phenomenon through both windshields even after the aircraft has pushing back in a different direction," says Visarathanonth.

Brian Whittaker, another pilot with extensive sky watching experience, says, "I have seen Blue Jets and Sprites, but this is something totally different."

According to  Spaceweather: For years, researchers have been studying red sprites and blue jets--strange forms of lightning that come out of the tops of clouds. It is said that it is a "jumping sundog." Lightning discharges in thunderclouds can temporarily change the electric field above the clouds where charged ice crystals were reflecting sunlight. The new electric field quickly re-orients the geometric crystals to a new orientation that reflects sunlight differently, while others suggest that it might be a "cloaked" UFO.

The pilot made a 4 minute video in front of the cockpit of the A320 on ground, Suvanabhumi Airport, Thailand in which we can see the phenomenon quickly moving and disappearing from time to time."