Mystery of the moving rocks on Mars photographed by the Spirit in 2009

As we know many NASA images are doctored, especially images photographed by the Mars Rover Curiosity.

But, years ago, when NASA started with their missions to Mars with the Spirit and the Opportunity, they published many images, even in black/white, but the pictures were clear.

Many wonder whether there is still life on Mars or not.

A series of images photographed by the Spirit in March 2009 may give the answer. The photos show some remarkable 'moving' objects.

About three years ago, Scott Waring made an article on these moving objects and decided to make an updated video on this remarkable discovery.

Here is an analysis report and decide for yourself whether these objects are living beings or rocks.



  1. I hope you all realize it's just the shadow from the sun sitting behind the rover while it was taking pictures from different cameras at different times.....carefully watch the video again......and just think about it......This guy is really reaching

  2. Prove it then?.....I am tires of people making de-bunking claims and basing it off of the fact that someone id "reaching" when you dont reach half as far on your debunk claim. Prove it then......prove your claims. Bare minimum make a video like this guy with claims ro the contrary. I would like to see both sides.....

  3. It`s a bird, and it flew to those two spots.


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