Scientists discovered how Ancient Egyptians moved the 2.5 ton Pyramid Stones - May 2, 2014

The question of just how an ancient civilization—without the help of modern technology—moved the 2.5 ton stones that made up their famed pyramids has long plagued Egyptologists and mechanical engineers alike. But now, a team from the University of Amsterdam believes they've figured it out, even though the solution was staring them in the face all along.

To make their discovery, the researchers picked up on clues from the ancient Egyptians themselves. A wall painting discovered in the ancient tomb of Djehutihotep, which dates back to about 1900 B.C., depicts 172 men hauling an immense statue using ropes attached to a sledge.

In the drawing, a person can be seen standing on the front of the sledge, pouring water over the sand, said study lead author Daniel Bonn, a physics professor at the University of Amsterdam.

According to livescience, a UvA press release explains:

The physicists placed a laboratory version of the Egyptian sledge in a tray of sand. They determined both the required pulling force and the stiffness of the sand as a function of the quantity of water in the sand.

To determine the stiffness they used a rheometer, which shows how much force is needed to deform a certain volume of sand. Experiments revealed that the required pulling force decreased proportional to the stiffness of the sand...A sledge glides far more easily over firm desert sand simply because the sand does not pile up in front of the sledge as it does in the case of dry sand.

The ancient Egyptians, who ‘Maybe’ built the pyramids may have been able to move massive stone blocks or statues across the desert by wetting the sand in front of a contraption built to pull the heavy objects but the new study does not answer the question how they brought the heavy blocks to the top of the pyramid yet what kind of tools and cutting techniques they used in the construction of the stone blocks/pyramids.

According to other studies, it may be possible that actually an ancient extraterrestrial civilization with understanding of physics and mechanics built the pyramids using ancient machines and other techniques such as sound waves and vibrations, like an anti-gravity technique to lift and transport the heavy stone blocks.

It is no coincidence that all ancient sites are built on the Earth Grid energies lines.


  1. Don't forget the strength and power factor that the Egyptians had that time plus their sizes. They did have the strength to cut, curve and lift the objects. The knowledge they had still mysterious. But definitely there is a way to know it by studying more different resources. Go to the heart of the earth, the world, the heart of this planet. The resource there is full will futuristic facts, scientific realities that scientists knew about some of them 50 years ago only. This book is deeply complicated with events can change the understanding of the universe, space, seas, mountains and the ancient life of Rome, Egypt and others.

  2. I only see one problem with their hypothesis. The drawing shows a statue on the sledge and not a pyramid stone. We know the ancients were pretty specific in their drawings. It takes a mighty big leap to suggest that drawing shows how the pyramids were built.

  3. egyptians didnt built a shit on their own , they gathered in these ancient sites many thousands of years after a civilization disappeared due to a heavy scale natural disaster, the left ones passed the knowledge left to group of peoples but as u can see the knowledge was secret at that time and still it is, Certain elites knows there information buried in the past and are not interested for it to be discovered unless its them discovering it, so it was so it ll continue to be,

  4. This is a theory thats been around for a long long time and its already been dismissed as impossible... how is this news? The sound wave idea is more credible, its just a shame that whenether I see it, alien seems to follow. The pyramids are thought to have been built around 6500 BC and the Sphinx 10000BC so really, how would a painting from 1900 BC be "proof" or even anything new for that matter? It seems the people that did build them left clues such as the Torus but Edward Leedskalnin has been the only person clever enough to figure out any of their work.


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