Strange circles in the sea in front of Croatian islands: Aliens at work?

Strange reports are coming from Croatia about an unusual phenomenon. They found unusual circles on the seabed on several islands.

All have a diameter of 50 meters, are equally distant from the coast and between themselves. They were found by reserchers of a Split ecological associaton called Sun, while checking the marine flora and fauna.

Residents of Kornati are wondering whether their islands are visited by the newcomers from space. Aerial photographs of the sea taken recently are showing this interesting phenomenon.

Circles were also found along the coast of islands Premuda and Molata. Most of the circles, 28 or maybe even more, were found on the west coast of the island of Dugi Otok . All the same sizes.

Circles are the same distance from the coast and from one another. All are at a depth of 20 meters or more and have a diameter of 50 meters. Biologists have initially thought this could be caused by prohibited fishing with dynamite or surveys for oil and gas, but experts in explosives and underwater research rejected this option. There are also other speculations.

Here also appear strange circles in the sky. Perhaps this has something to do with astrology or ufo aliens.

Scientist from the Zagreb Institute of Geophysics are rejecting the theory about ufos extraterrestrials and they'll immediately start looking for more earthly causes for this circles.