Two Alien Bases On Saturn Moon Titan - May 12, 2014

Date of discovery: May 12, 2014
Location of discovery: Saturn Moon Titan

Scott Waring, author of the video below, was looking through Saturn photos when he came across one that had the landing area of the Cassini-Huygen site. Scott says, any landing site had to have something of high significance for NASA to send a probe and land there, then take off again.

The site photo had a close up view and in it Scott found two structures, each with a lot of right angles. The structure in the above photo looks to be 3-4 floors high, because it has depth to it.

The shadows reveal three layers, one on top of the next.

Now the project to land Cassini on Titan was NASA and ESA working the European Space Agency also know about the buildings.
Makes you wonder how many countries know about the existence of aliens.

The landing took place Jan 14. 2005, either part or all of Cassini left Titan and continued on its journey which is said to end in 2017.

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  1. I think your a little confused...cassini is still in orbit and is scheduled to be for years to come.......but they did land a small probe from cassini called the Huygens probe but that was years ago

  2. We always assume the structures we find around the solar system are alien, but human history is a lie and these could belong to our ancestors. Its quite possible there was a time when we were advanced enough to travel in space and we may have even been part of the galactic community that now surrounds us. Thanks to our warring nature though, we destroyed our civilizations 12000 years ago and got ourselves banned from the galactic community.
    We know from the ancient writings of India, and present day radioactivity, that a nuclear war most likely took place on our planet. We also know that Mars was struck by a catastrophe that devastated the entire planet. I've always thought its quite possible the people of Earth went to war with the colonies of Mars. After Mars launched a nuclear attack on Earth, the people of Earth retaliated with a weapon the killed Mars and everything on it. It was after this atrocity, the humans found themselves banned from the galactic community and our punishment was to have our technology removed and our minds wiped, forcing us to star over as a primitive farming culture.
    Around 10,000 BC, an object, know to the Egyptians as the Destroyer, made its first known visit to our planet, causing a deluge that nearly wiped out humanity. We are told this object was put in place by the angry god of the Israelites . Based on the evidence, that the Hebrew god is an amalgamation of several beings written about in the Sumerian times, I think its quite possible the "gods" of the Sumerians (they never called them gods, they were flesh and blood) were the various members of the galactic community and the Destroyer and its 3500 year cycle of destruction, was put in place as our punishment, ensuring that we would never reach the same level of technology that we had during the Martian wars.

    1. Thank you Captain Bill, I will check it out.

    2. Amazing idea, it was said in 2000 BC that a Pakistani city exploded, leaving shadows in the floor. Also India has a significantly higher level of radiation count then most areas globally, this could suggest that nuclear warfare may have occurred in our past.

  3. Unknown? Who are you and how you think in this way? Amazing. I will be very happy if had chance to contact you.

    1. These ideas have come to me over the years. I read a lot on the subject, but what I read doesn't always resonate with me, so I try to go beyond what I've been told by others. I don't know if my interpretations of the evidence is correct, but they feel right to me.

  4. I would not give any credence or legitimacy to anything touted by Waring. He is pretty much a full-blown nut job.


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