UFO During Football Match Between San Lorenzo and Botafogo in Buenos Aires, Argentina 2014

An interesting footage of a UFO captured by a Television camera during a football match between home team San Lorenzo and Botafogo in el Nuevo Gasometro stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The event happened on April 1, 2014.

The object appears multiple times before it disappears at high speed.

The first video is the short version and the second video is the original 7 minutes long video.

Second video: UFO appears at about 0.06, 1.21 and 4.13 minutes.



  1. Absolute Proof for an Alien Presence for skeptic friends.
    Simply tell them to place the following bumper-sticker on their car...


    Then have them, take a relaxing country drive. Since ET does not exist there is nothing to fear, right? Have them bring a camera. You can guarantee their new YouTube Video will be called FAKE or mysteriously disappear & replaced with a Hollywood hacked video. Their camera confiscated, hard drive erased, death threats made by Visitors in pseudo military garb and/or Men in Black.
    "Houston we have a problem."

  2. High energy created by humans attract ET's

  3. Or maybe they are attracted to our delicious blood.

  4. These entities come and go , not by knocking on your door and letting you know what they are up to but like a home invader taking what they want when they want without your consent and if possible without your knowledge . Our world government's seem to think we the people are powerless and so to maintain control of the people bow to the will of these invaders .

    1. Yes and If the aliens wanted to be known they would be known and no power on earth can prevent disclosure.

      The aliens operate covertly to hide their brutal activities such as Cattle Mutilations & sexually molesting people even little children. Spiritual people - please stop helping them with practices that open inner doors they travel through... picking up vast amounts of baggage in your souls with ET Contact. Wake Up Meditators.


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