UFO "Entity" above Nuclear Plant in Cornelius, North Carolina - May 9, 2014

Over a period of evenings in April 2014, the witness was able to observe and record incredible footage of an unknown object occupying the airspace directly above the Nuclear Plant in Cornelius, North Carolina.

The witness states that no sounds were detectable and the object moved in an erratic and unpredictable fashion and did not resemble the behavior of any aircraft known to him.

This video was made with the permission and cooperation of the witness/videographer, Todd Slingerland.

The analysis is based upon just one of several recordings he has been able to make.


  1. This footage seems to be very real and this amazing occurring, shouldn’t just be reduced as underground news as most news in this website are, but it should be shown on mainstream news and have the opinion of our most reputable scientists to explain us what i is !
    Rather than a simple ufo this looks like some sort of organic life we are not aware of as most things that are either morphing or shapeshifting under our very eyes!
    How little do we know about Biological entities and how much we have to learn before having a clear picture of what goes on around us I wonder !


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