UFO Takes Down Russian Proton-M Rocket - May 16, 2014 (Video)

A Russian Proton-M rocket with an advanced satellite on board crashed outside of Kazakhstan's territory on Friday, about nine minutes after lift-off.

The Express-AM4R would have been Russia’s most advanced and powerful satellite.

UFO- Proton-M Rocket. (Click image to enlarge.)

Russia Today reported:The crash was likely caused by a failure in one of the third stage’s steering engines, reported Oleg Ostapenko, the head of the Russian national space agency Roscosmos.

“The exact cause is hard to establish immediately, we will be studying the telemetry. Preliminary information points to an emergency pressure drop in a steering engine of the third stage of the rocket,” he said.

All other launches of Proton-type rockets will be halted at Baikonur space center in Kazakhstan until the reason for the crash is determined.

A special commission from the Russian Federal Space Agency will be in charge of investigating the causes of the crash.

It is clear that the above statement is a cover-up to hide the real cause of the accident with the Proton-M rocket.

Watch the following video and you will see that a UFO (Extraterrestrial or man-made UFO or eventually a man-made remote controlled projectile) shoots down the Proton rocket.