Utter proof of Nibiru and Nemesis despite NASA!

Excerpt from Nemesis and Nibiru, The Kuiper gap and Lagrance Points, by Robert H. Evans Jr. and Sasha Lessin, Ph.D

The planet NIBIRU revolves around Nemesis, a dark subdwarf star more massive than Jupiter.

Nemesis nears our Sun, at the KUIPER BELT, 48 Astronomical Units from Earth, every 10,800 Earth years.

Nibiru circles Nemesis but did not orbit our sun. Instead, every 3,600 years Nibiru passed though our inner solar system between Jupiter and Mars.

One of Nibiru’s years (the time Nibiru took to circle Nemesis) was thus 3,600 Earth years--long enough for 180 generations of Homo Sapiens Earthlings to live and die.

Nibiru stabilized into a clockwise 3,600-year orbit. But in 10,900 B.C., Uranus drifted away from the Sun and sped Nibiru toward Earth sooner than 3,600 years. As Nibiru flew by, Uranus caught Miranda, a moon of Nibiru. Miranda, now a moon of Uranus, circled it instead of Nibiru. From 10,000 B.C. on Uranus slowed Nibiru’s orbit to 3450 Earth years rather than 3600.

Nibiru returned to perigee in 7450, 4000, and 556 B.C. and next returns to the inner solar system in 2900 A.D. rather than 2012 as it would on its earlier 3600-year orbit (though the debris 180 degrees from Nibiru on Nibiru’s orbital path, its far LAGRANGE POINT moving in harmonic procession always opposite Nibiru, is upon us now).

Nibirans can communicate with and even travel to Earth both before and after Nibiru’s perigee.

Evidence of the existence of Nemesis and Nibiru.

Image left: 1983: NASA, with IRIS found Nibiru and Nemesis its brown dwarf star, as in this infared image showing Nemesis and its 5 inner planets. (Click image to enlarge)

The Infrared Imaging Satellite and the Naval Observatory confirmed Nibiru’s existence 1983 -1984.

“NASA attempted to hush-up” Nibiru’s discovery in a published then denied the IRAS sighting. 

More evidence, the PowerPoint slide below was created from leaked NASA info in 2009 depicts the dwarf star and 6 of its planets.

Planet 6 is Nibiru. (Click image to enlarge)

Extraterrestrial Craft near the Sun.

Furthermore, below a photo of huge triangular-shaped spacecraft Robert H. Evans Jr. got from unaltered film of ESA/NASA's solar and Heliospheric observatory (SOHO). (Updated 24/9/2015).

The craft fired a beam, near the Sun.The Soho camera actually caught the craft’s beam deflecting incoming debris from Nibiru, its 180 degree lagrange point.

Image left: Alien craft. (Click image to enlarge)

For tens of millions of years Nibiru returned to the inner solar system, bringing repeated catastrophic effects to the inner planets.

Earth was pummeled by thousands of asteroids.

Then Nemisis, the Dark Star, underwent massive orbital expansion, eventually locating safely beyond the Oort cloud.

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  1. Nowhere in ancient history is there any mention of a planet called Nibiru...Sitchin lied. All ancient societies said that the creator gods came from Orion. Even the Sumerians said this. Nibiru is not mentioned in conjunction with the Anunnaki once in all the thousands of texts they left behind.
    The idea of Nibiru was invented by the elite to distract us from our sun's dark companion and people like Sitchin (a 33rd degree Freemason) and Nancy Lieder (CIA disinfo agent)have been used to propel the disinformation of a very debunkable Planet X. Now that Sitchin is dead, people are taking his Nibiru, which he said was a tenth planet around our sun, and combining it with the Nemesis theory. They claim its a planet around our sun's companion...Sitchin NEVER said this, so ask yourselves, where are people getting this information? The ancients never said this either. If you think they did, then produce the proof and stop believing what other people tell you and find the information.
    So how exactly does Nibiru/Planet X distract from a giant dead sun co-orbiting our sun? By filling our minds with things that are easily debunkable. By doing this, the PTB ensure that baby is thrown out with the bath water...any evidence that proves an object is inbound can now be attacked by debunkers, who site the fictional work of people like Sitchin and Lieder to discredit the proof.
    Even if you still believe Sitchin, according to him, Nibiru is still hundreds of years away, so it can't possibly be causing the Earth changes and the current bombardment of fireballs...the ancients were very clear when they said the object causes about a decade of disturbances. If you want to believe Nancy Lieder, then you have to completely check your brain at the door and accept that Nibiru has been sitting next to the sun since 2003 and the Earth has been halted in her orbit since then.
    If you want to come as close to the truth as possible, read Immanuel Velikovsky's 1950 book, Worlds in Collision. Velikovsky was the first person to discover an 3500 year cycle of destruction brought about by a celestial object. In 1950, no one knew about brown dwarfs and binary stars, so Velikovsky assumed the object was a comet...this was one of his only errors. Velikovsky's error was still too close to the truth, which is why Sitchin and Lieder were required to discredit him with their insane suggestion of an occupied planet in our solar system.
    Time is running out and soon none of this will matter. Velikovsky told us to expect the Earth changes to begin in the early part of the 21st century and carry on for a decade. He told us that fireballs would increase, larger quakes would increase, rivers would turn to blood, strange trumpet noises would be heard in the sky and the weather would become unpredictable and extreme. All one has to do is take a look a round them to see he was right....he's the only one thats been right so far, which is why we should be heading his word and ignoring the disinformation.
    If people still want to believe in Nibiru, despite that fact that all evidence points to it being a creation of the elite for people who like to believe they think outside the box, then fine...but come up with the ancient sources that speak of Nibiru. I guarantee you will not find them, because they don't exist. As long as you continue to believe the word of a single man who has lied, you are not thinking outside the box, you are simply stuck in another box the elite have created for you.

    1. Hey unknown....you dumb dumb, Caltech and Nasa are 98% sure it exists...Also with regards to the ruins of the old Sumer (Iran) there are carvings that show our solar system depicting a planet with a large elliptical orbit....wake up...but is the dates are right the last time it was here was 590BCE sooo it shouldn't come back until 2900AD

    2. And yet, we can now see it in our skies. I guess the joke is on you.

  2. Nibiru is real. It does exist. Get off your high horse.

  3. Justin Robare, Can you please provide us with some links to support your statement....Someone other than Sitchin, who can read ancient Hebrew and Sumerian and agrees Nibiru exists. Simply coming on here and saying Nibiru exists does not prove your point.
    Believing in the existence of a tenth planet, based on the word of one man, is no different than the blind faith exhibited by the patrons of religion. I think if anyone needs to get off their high horse, it would be those who want to believe in something so badly, they are willing to ignore the facts.

  4. There is a battery of highly respected astronomers who have published findings stating Nibiru or planet x or hercolubus in fact does exist. Robert Harrington for starters , chief astronomer for the US Naval Observatory. Unfortunately Mr Harrington passed away from a BAZAAR FAST MOVING THROAT CANCER AFTER ANNOUNCING HE WOULD RELEASE HIS FINDINGS AROUND 1990. There are several highly credible astronomers/astro physicists who have died curiously when there findings of planet x began to become public.
    Marshall Masters has a series of very good videos "planet x 101" These take one through the history of the search for planet x from the late 18th century until real photos of the system continually captured over the past 7 years. His work is cooberated by scientists working for NASA and the Smithsonian . He does give their names in the videos however his work is difficult to dispute on its own merits. This guy has an impressive resume.
    If one looks at the real evidences now and the VARIOUS ANCIENT WRITINGS FROM VARIOUS CULTURES , it is more than difficult to see a composite picture including the cyclic earth changes we are now seeing the beginnings of.
    If one is not willing to put the time and leg work into this investigation , compile the available data, pictures, climatic evidence and earth changes , not to worry , soon the dots will connect before our very eyes in the heavens and on earth.
    BTY , why do you think they built all those DUMBS? Why is elenin called such , extinction level event nibiru is nearing........ We will see some real fireworks within the next few years.

    1. cooberated?!? . . . all this space cadet yak and. . . . cooberated?!?!?

  5. Interesting, I always felt Veliosky and Stitchin spoke about the same celestial body just a different understanding of the information and evidence before them.

  6. Theres so many things wrong here...

    Ill just ask about the pucture of a star and planets...

    Why are all 5 planets on the exact same orbit?

    1. One cannot determine the orbit of an object around a parent body from only one photo. One needs at least two images and time measurements.

  7. Nibiru is the blood moons.
    I am the second son of nibiru.

    Son of God.

    Egyptian sun disc
    Is our sun red?

    Is nibiru real?


  8. If Nibiru is in orbit around the dwarf star, Nemesis, and if Nemesis only comes close to our son every 10,800 years, how does Nibiru make it into our solar system every 3,600 years?

    1. Based on the numbers and what I read, nemesis and the sun come close to each other every 3600 years. With that said, they are on opposite sides of orbit, and it takes 10800 years (3 full orbits) for them to be on the same side of their orbits ellipse.

    2. Orbital speed increases as it locks on the strongest gravity well which is the Sun. It simply falls toward the center of the of our solar system.
      If it is large enough "mass" and enough speed and has 2 polar magnetic
      configuration's depends on if the sun accepts neg to neg which will put stress on both the object and the sun causing solar storms or geomagnetic storms. It will act to slow the object down Neg to neg repulsion.
      However if the objects poles flip it will then be pos to neg attraction
      and will speed up. Then it depends on the objects mass to withstand the
      increased annular stress as to if it will survive a run around the sun.

  9. So, here we are August, 2015. Where is that bad boy?

  10. I say hi Jesus Christ Second son of god brother of Lucifer. God is blood moons. Jesus is the son of the blood moons. Blood moons are not real. I hope my father doth forgive thee of thy sins and did not blot my name in the book of life and that he put me in it. I hope When you go up you tell father hi and I hope I see him soon. Are you ready to win the war at Armageddon?

    1. Angel of light or Lucifer only wrong was to say that we should have the knowledge of good and bad to jahwa or Elohim or you may call him God which is not his name but what he is one of , problem was that when he said this he happened to be in front of his other angels or army and this pissed jahwa off so he punished him and all that heard it . So lucifer is the good guy and your God is a jealous , spiteful, vindictive God is that believes in slavery , genoside , rape , murder etc he also said that he is unchanging and will be the same from the beginning till the end so look at the Old Testament in the Hebrew holly scriptures you will find lucifer was you friend not a evil devil that makes the catholic priest rape your children

  11. Feel like I'm waiting for another 2012 to happen , Lots of talk and nothing happens.

  12. Still cant find the damned object anywhere, lots of crap but no real facts n figures about where it is exactly now. If it is there....where ??? The binary star concept and the planetary wobble make sense, but again no actual proof. Wish someone would putup what is actually happening to our solar system other than all the guessing

  13. Nemesis should begin to be visible to the naked eye in the next 3-5 days. It feels like it's coming from between Orion and Gemini.

  14. November 5th 2015 - Where is it guys? I see nothing.

  15. Look on youtube for 2 suns youll find evidence

  16. Its August 2016... still nothing. It's the age of photoshop and CGI. Something that big should be viewable in the night sky. NADA...

  17. Just wait till they change the date again


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