Alien Abduction and Reptilians are discussed with filmmaker Denise David Williams

Alien abduction, UFOs and reptilians are discussed with filmmaker Denise David Williams, who explores the life of John Mack, a Harvard professor who devoted his attention to extraterrestrials. the US military, the holographic universe, and the expanded awareness of alien consciousness is explored in this interview hosted by Sean Stone.

Quote John Mack:

UFO abductions are not a rare phenomenon and have been estimated to have occurred to three-million Americans.Even though over the past 25 years thousands of individuals throughout the United States and in other countries have reported abduction experiences to UFO investigators and mental health professionals, the phenomenon appears to be more widespread than anyone might have expected.

The alien abduction phenomenon calls for a revolutionary new way of examining the nature of reality and our place in the cosmos and is nothing short of a cosmic wake-up call to humans that we do indeed live in a world filled with spirits and beings who can cross the barrier we have thrown up between the material and immaterial worlds. Drawing on the rich tradition of non-Western and indigenous cultures, which more readily accept that we live in a multidimensional universe.