Alien Being caught on Camera in Cordoba, Argentina? - June 12, 2014

I start with the question if the highly respected Jaime Maussan produces fake alien videos or indeed it is an humanoid creature as shown in the photograph.

An image taken by tourists in Capilla de Monte shows what appears to be a humanoid creature.

The image was sent to Jaime Maussan for further analysis and in the next video he presents his analyse report.

what you think about the alien being, fake or real?



  1. It must of been along day huh?
    I love this site, but, well you know...this stuff don't help our cause.

  2. @smithyw,
    I guess my message in the article is clear. It’s not about the 'fake' alien, but how seriously we should take famous UFO researchers, like Jaime Maussan, if they present videos like this one.


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