Entire building of Neumayer Station is "swallowed" by giant light dome - June 18, 2014

A strange phenomenon caught on one of Neumayer's webcams on June 18, 2014.

Snowcats running around and then a giant ball of light appears and swallows the entire building.

Is there an explanation for this strange phenomenon?

Link: Webcams at Neumayer Station



  1. I had seen this happening before and in this particular footage we see the strangeness but not the ufos activity that goes on over there at German Neumayer station, usually all sorts of things happens and for this reason I check it out everyday in the morning as its more entertaining to see the whole day movie from the webcam than reading the news.

    Ufos, bright lights, unknown planets, double suns, strange tower being moved, men with X-ray eyes sunglasses can be seen regularly at this specific spot yet noone talks or explains what is actually happens at is what is supposed to be a whether station in Antartica.

    Being too surprised by it I ‘ve made a couple of short videos about this strangeness and posted them on youtube but its only the peak of the iceberg as all you can find are usually long boring videos on youtube about it and that’s all.
    While is pretty clear that what goes on at Neumayer station goes beyond reason almost everyday,
    so why nobody tell us the truth ?

    Beepee oil disaster made an attempt but was left speechless too.

    So why not having a section of the website dedicated to it ?

    I wonder about it as very rarely you mention this ufo hotspot in Antartica.

  2. At about 1:35 in the video there is some kind of beam briefly shooting into the sky on the upper left.. who knows. Interesting video though. It does seem like a lot of strange Shit is going on there.


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