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Evidence of Aliens visited Earth and ancient codes found in Vatican’s library by Russian Scientist in the 20’s

Professor Genrikh Mavrikiyevich Ludvig was a highly educated Russian scientist, an inmate of Stalin’s concentration camps, a philosopher, a scholar of ancient languages, daring architect, a teacher, a freethinker who lived in the stifling ideological climate of Communism. A person who did not break down under enormous pressure, torture, and betrayal.

Vladimir Kucharyants was his student in the 1960s, but only in recent years has discovered the scope of Professor’s Ludvig’s knowledge, ideas, and legacy. There is much more that needs to be discovered. He is still not sure who Genrikh Ludvig really was: a phenomenally educated scientist who possessed encyclopedic knowledge, a mystic, a person who was ordained into secret knowledge.

Those who research the UFO phenomenon and ancient astronauts hypothesis will learn from the Sovershenno Sekretno article that Professor Ludvig was able to study amazing ancient manuscripts during his sojourn in the Vatican’s library (in the 1920s).

There he read about extraterrestrials who had visited the Earth in antiquity; subsequently, he began his research of Maya civilization, and interpreted their symbols to be spaceships and spacesuits.

In addition, Professor Ludvig mentioned that the library contained manuscripts about alchemy and ancient codes.

Kucharyants mentions that Professor Ludvig showed his students photocopies of the Vatican’s ancient manuscripts (containing information about extraterrestrials that had visited our planet) with drawings, described to them the hidden essence of ancient myths.

Professor Ludvig told the students of the Fiery Pillar that destroyed an advanced ancient civilization. He showed the students photos of the fortress walls discovered in Babylon, melted with the horrendous temperature and believed that nuclear blasts could cause this.

Photograph left and middle: professor Ludvig in Stalin's galag. (credit: Sovershenno Sekretno)
Photograph right: Profesor Ludvig 70's. 

Professor Ludvig was very much interested in Sumerian civilization and possessed great knowledge about it. He discussed the esoteric meaning of pyramids in Egypt (he considered them to be sort of “energy machines”) and he studied the Etruscan civilization and he knew about Cabbala.

Genrikh Mavrikiyevich Ludvig who passed away in 1973, had fantastic intellect and made incredible discoveries. Read more, language Russian - English


  1. -- You couldn't just stroll into the Vatican archives in the 1920s and go through the "ancient manuscripts".
    -- You still can't do that.
    -- As for the "photocopies" that Professor Genrikh Mavrikiyevich Ludvig supposedly took (in the 1920s) of the "Vatican’s ancient manuscripts" --- Well, It was in 1949 that Xerox Corporation introduced the first xerographic copier called the Model A.
    -- It wasn't until 1959 that commercially available Xerographic office photocopying was introduced by Xerox.
    -- Archived ancient manuscripts would NEVER be exposed to the bright light of a photocopier. It would damage them.
    -- Yet we're being told by an unknown writer that a student of professor Ludvig says that professor Ludvig said so.
    -- In the 1920s there were no photocopiers. The "Model A" prototype was made in 1949, and it wasn't commercially available until 1959.
    -- There's so much false information in this whole story that a point-by-point refutation would be much longer than the article itself.

    1. Right i wonder how we copied art and books for centuries before that, good one lol.. And you definitely wouldnt take a picture of a picture or painting to copy it either... Maybe xeroxing ancient manuscripts would just be stupid and destructive too, but i your a democrat huh??? Lmfao

  2. Xerox will be the deciding technology used to confirm extraterrestrial life lmfao

  3. I would not trust ANYTHING associated with the satanic, anti-Christian catholic cult.

  4. And where did the alleged Professor Ludvig get the photo copies?

  5. It's impossible that Professor Ludvig made copy of the material about Ufo in Vatican,s library. But it's true that the Vatican hides extraterrestrial life.


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