Fleet of Orbs caught on camera over Rome, Italy - June 6, 2014

Remarkable sighting of a UFO fleet on the 1st UFO Conference in Rome, organized by Danilo Iosz and Massimiliano Buttarelli Group Skywatcher Romano, date June 3, 2014.


  1. dear editor, owner of the website and obviously a journalist, RON
    I've seen all this before on latest ufo sightings, very often I've noticed you post the same news at the same time, like the same day the same footage and wonder are you connected or is just that casually you show the same news, same article, same video at the same time ???

    Now dear Ron, editor and owner of the website who is that actually has the scoop ? you or them ? I mean this is not a race to who is going to win the latest pulitzer prize but you must know that we, your fans, followers expect a lot from you, and besides that you're not just dealing with ufos as the name of the site, your website is pretty clear and specific while "The Truth Behind The Scene was more appropiated I wonder why you don't co-join with them or with AnonimousUfo. com in order to have a daily information about what we like the most, instead of having to check out all three websites to have a reliable source of alternative information that are completely ignored by mainstream news reports ?

    And by the way this paricular report should have been enhanced before publishing otherwise it all reduces to avarage amateur enternainment, rather than educational and thrilling news as it should be, as AnonimousUFo do in their monthly reports.
    Just a suggestion I guess Ron, don't get mad at me for expressing a simple thought and if you want to contact me directly my email is mircopiccioli@hotmail.com, you don't need to publish this but an answer from you would be appreciated as we've talked before!


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