The Secret Antarctic UFO Underground Base

There has been much written about the mysterious ‘secret’ Antarctic underground base, the Ahnenerbe Society, the 'Thule Society' and Hitler’s UFOs.

The video below discusses the Ahnenerbe Society: the most mysterious organization of the Third Reich and their involvement in developing of UFOs and Hitler’s obsession to disclose the secrets of the Antarctic, after a map (Piri Reis Map – The map showed the area before it was covered in ice, 300 years before it's discovery) was discovered serendipitously on 9 October 1929, through the philological work of the German theologian, Gustav Adolf Deissmann.

Hitler and Himmler, they put together a team to search the area as shown on the map. They found a cave under the ice with warm water that could easily hide large crafts. Hitler was sure the Antarctic was where the lost continent of Atlantis once was.

A team was deployed to search the area in order to find the ‘Holy Cup’. Hitler already had possession of the 'Holy Spear', and the legend was that if he could get the 'Holy Cup', he could have world power. He was sure he would find the ‘Holy Cup’ there.

Furthermore, as a result of Hitler’s interest in the paranormal, he, Himmler and the Ahnenerbe formed an elite group of scientists to study the paranormal to make contact with unknown beings. But they didn't realize that contact with aliens already been done in 1919 by secret 'Thule Society' members (See: Vril and the alien woman). They found or received some documents that told how to build a flying disc that would take them into space using unconventional means.

They finally built it, but it needed a special engine. This is when they brought in Victor Schauberger. He built it 5 years later.

At the end of the War, probably they have used the cave as a secret ‘UFO’ base with the intention to keep their secret UFO technology, but when the U.S. found out about this, they sent their ships to investigate the area too.

When they got close, a large disc-shaped craft came up from the water and passed by them so fast it bent one of the antennas on the ship, and was gone in the blink of an eye. It sent down a ray and blew up a ship after that, so the fleet turned around.

The video show authentic video images, many of you will recognize the images, but some questions remain, what happened with the secret base, the people involved and the Third Reich UFOs at the base? Extraterrestrial beings were involved in the development of the Third Reich UFOs and the 'Third Reich Alien Technology' is what we see in our sky today?