UFO Sightings Reports: UFOs above Family Cars - June 11, 2014

Case 1: UFO attacks Car of Knowles Family Nullarbor, Australia 

The Knowles accident 
Date: January 20, 1988 

The Knowles family set out from Perth for Melbourne, in the hope of finding new jobs. Instead, a terrifying and violent 90-minute encounter with a UFO on the Nullarbor Plain left them so shaken they turned around and headed home.

The family said the glowing UFO, shaped like an egg in an eggcup, about a metre wide, high enough to block their view.

The glowing UFO chased and even lifted their car off the road, dropping it so heavily a tire burst.

During the height of the encounter in January 20, 1988, they said their voices became distorted and sounded like they were in slow motion. They said they drove at speeds up to 200 km/h, that the car was covered inside and out by a black ash, and that the UFO landed on the roof, leaving dents.

Ceduna officer Sergeant Jim Furnell said the car had dents in the roof “as if something had landed on top”. Read more

Rare TV Footage of reports and interviews with Australia's Knowles family, the day after their car was reportedly sucked up by a UFO, on the Nullarbor Plain, 20th January 1988.


Case 2: Arizona witness says UFO was 200 feet over car

Mufon Case 56583
Date: July 15, 2011

An Arizona witness in Maricopa County traveling east along I-10 with her granddaughter reported watching a triangle-shaped object just "200 feet above the car" that made no sound.

The woman noticed her granddaughter looking out the window at something about 1:30 p.m. on July 15, 2011.

"I tried to look out the front windshield but it was too dangerous because of the traffic," the witness stated. "So I opened the driver side window and looked up. I didn't expect to see a huge craft hovering just above my car. It was shaped like a triangle."

"The color was a gun metal black. It had a strange mat finish. There was something about the color and the finish of the craft that was like nothing I ever seen before. Rather than reflect light it seemed like it absorbed it. It didn't make a sound. There were these things that looked like rocket boosters on the underside. I know there were three and I think there were five."

"The freeway was busy this time of the day too. It was hovering so low I remember thinking it was impossible for no one else to see it. It couldn't have been even 200 feet above the car. I don't remember more details very sharply because I was stunned, confused, torn between wanting to look, and trying not to because of the I-10 traffic. It just wasn't safe to not focus on driving. I was glancing at the cars around me, the craft, the road. We still talk about it. My granddaughter is 12 now and says she still remembers."

Case 3: Football field sized UFO stops Alabama I-20 traffic

Mufon Case 56669
Date: January 20, 2014

An Alabama witness eastbound along I-20 nearing the 205 exit reported stopping her vehicle to watch a silent, triangle-shaped UFO “as large as a football field” moving slowly at the tree top level that terrified her and appeared to cause missing time.

The incident began sometime between 2 and 3 a.m. on January 20, 2014, as the witness was on I-20 heading toward Georgia with an 18-wheeler about a mile or two behind her.

“About a mile to a mile and-a-half before I reached the 205 exit between Heflin and Ranburne, Alabama, I topped the hill and far in the distance on my right side I saw the most extreme, bright, white lights lighting up the entire side of the road and pasture,” the witness stated. “I was very confused as to what I was looking at.”

I began to slow my speed as I approached closer and then I noticed the lights that were shinning straight through the tree line onto the interstate had not only risen to above the tree line, but had also turned from pointing toward the road to pointing toward the ground.”

The witness then completely stopped her vehicle along the interstate, but checked out the roadway for her safety.

“I looked in the rear-view mirror to see where the 18-wheeler truck was in relationship to my car because I wanted to make sure that I was wasn’t going to get hit and also I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t the only person who was seeing this. The 18-wheeler had also come to a stop about one mile behind me and had his cab door open and he also had not pulled off the interstate.”

The witness then turned her attention back to the lights and noticed that they were at the tree top level and the lights were pointing toward the ground.

“The next thing I knew it was completely dark. I then was very confused and began looking about the sky for anything that could have done this.”

The witness then realized that the lights were attached to a very large, triangle-shaped object.
“Still very confused and extremely scarred, I noticed a huge, huge, triangular-shaped object that had rounded edges where the point of a triangle would be. There was no sound at all and no lights on this object were seen now. This object remained about tree top tall as it passed over my car heading northwest.”

“This object was as large as a football field if not larger. And was about 50 to 60 feet thick. I could clearly see the pattern on the bottom and the sides of this object.”

The witness became terrified of her position at this point and looked again for the 18-wheeler.
“I sat at a full stop in the middle of the interstate feeling completely terrified and violated and again looked behind me to check and see if there was any other traffic that the was going to hit me. The truck was nowhere to be seen and he was only about one mile behind me and was stopped with his door open only moments before. He couldn’t have made an exit off the interstate because the 205 exit in front of me was the only exit off the interstate for a few miles. This left me dazed and confused.”

“I realized that I had time missing from when I saw the object in the field about tree top tall with its lights on and when it was coming over my car without any lights on. When I finally pulled myself back together and began to drive slowly home I realized that the time was now 4:12 a.m.”

The witness described herself as a professional with no problems that would account for the incident. “I am 47 years old and I am an RN with almost 30 years experience working as a nurse in the ER, ICU, and Dialysis.”

Case 4: California witness reports triangle-shaped UFO buzzed car

Mufon Case 56732
Date: May 29, 2014

Two California witnesses southbound along Highway 5 in Coalinga reported watching a slow moving, triangle-shaped UFO “with three huge, white lights on the underside” that descended to just 20 feet over their vehicle.

The reporting witness was driving with a passenger in the vehicle heading to Phoenix when the object was first seen and thought to be a plane about midnight on May 29, 2014.
“It flew straight up and over us,” the reporting witness stated.  “It went up quick in a field and then flew right over us, slowly.”

“It had three huge, white lights on the underside. It took off straight towards us and I thought, why would a plane fly so low? When I saw the underside with the huge white, round lights, it was dark in color with sharp edges, triangle-shaped with no other lights. It flew above us maybe 20 feet.”

The object then moved over a nearby field and appeared to land.

“It flew to the west of the highway and all the lights underneath came on brighter. When the lights came on brighter, it rotated in the air before its descent, then landing in a field.”

The witness pulled over for a better look.

“There was a huge glowing light. I was in disbelief and totally amazed. I was very glad to have a witness with me who saw the same. It was truly unbelievable.”

The witness moved to another location hoping to continue to watch the object.
“We went to a rest stop a mile away and watched the glowing light. There was no way to see since it was far into the field.”

Via and thanks to: MUFON , OpenMindsTV