UFOs flying through Lightning Strike - June 15, 2014

When witness was filming an impressive storm above his house, almost 10 orbs appeared next to the lightning strikes.

And all these objects seem lighted by the lightning strikes.

It seems as UFOs / Orbs are attracted to electrical storms. These Orbs obtain some sort of plasma fuel from the storms?



  1. I.ve noticed you either do not respond or answer and even cancelled comments who do not flatter you, so much for freedom of speech on the internet dear Ron, still another great post this that clearly shows how little do we know about the world of orbs... I love when things are captured on camera unexpectebly by chance that shows interesting footage like this one.

  2. Why are you giving Ron a hard time? This is one of the most patient, tolerant and open websites out there. The Ron I know certainly isn't looking for flattery. Get over it. Stop complaining and say something semi intelligent.

  3. "It seems as UFOs / Orbs are attracted to electrical storms ..."
    I witnessed this same thing myself and can say for certain this is true. During the 90's I heard a odd sound coming from outdoors. The sound was something like thunder rumbling yet somewhat odd, so I went outside to investigate. Looking up in the afternoon sky during a light rain I saw a round object light up when the thunder rumbled. I watched the clouds for a while and saw this round object begin to get brighter after the clouds rumbled, when the rumbling had stopped this object continued to glow getting bigger/brighter, it next began vibrating. Still standing in the rain I watched and saw other round lights begin to slowly light up and glow. There were a number of them perhaps 7 or 9 . It seemed like the thunder was 'kick starting them' , anyway after they had all grown in equal size, the first orb, which had first began glowing shot a straight laser type beam of electricity at one next to it, after that one was hit it also did the same to another orb and this continued down the line until they were all shooting this light line back n forth at each other. This continued. The objects gave off a loud electrical vibrating sound, grew in size and the light beams sped up going too fast to follow any more. After a while they would just 'power down' slowly until all you could see was the first round object lightly fluttering on and off until it was gone, yet when the thunder came back so did the object and the whole thing repeated itself. It would seem that thunder some how manages to 'kick start' the release of electrical energy because at no time did I ever see 'lightning' as we know it. If these things can use clouds or it's thunder then perhaps lightning may also be used by them in like manner.


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