Massive Object over the Sun - NASA says its a 'BakeOut', really? - July 21, 2014

The latest SOHO images show a giant object over the sun.

NASA statement July 21, 2014.
The change coupled device (CCD) is the part of the camera that is the light sensitive. EIT does CCD bakeouts to improve the CCD performance every few months. During this time EIT does not take images because a warm CCD doensn't have the high performance needed to see extreme ultraviolet light (EUV). The bakeouts typically last a day of two, read more in the second video.

A similar event took place in 1998.

NASA statement February 4, 1998.
SOHO EIT light leaks. It appears that the the SOHO was struck by a micro meteorite shower in the early morning of February 4, 1998. As a result, all four EIT sectors now show light leaks, apparently the result of pin holes in the front filters.

So what is it? A Bakeout, SOHO struck by a meteorite shower or NASA is hiding something? 


Another strange message appeared on NASA's Twitter account, I don't if this message is related to the strange event above the Sun. See image below.


  1. So what we see is an object or energy of huge proportions and uniform in shape it seems, symmetrical!
    I'm sure we've seen the same thing time and time again, I remember something like this was around the sun for over a week and seemed to be feeding of the sun's energy. It all seems coincidental with the world conflicts ever increasing, space projects boosted in the last week, NASA shutting down equipment as we speak, and that strange IMF message "This year 2014 is going to be very magical" after strangely repeating numerology and the number 7.


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