Occult Message in highly unusual speech by Christine Lagarde of IMF

Christine Lagarde, the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, gave a highly unusual speech to the National Press Club about Numerology and the number 7, which has significant occult meaning.

It's strange she is even talking numerology, especially about the number 7.

Please watch this video first to understand what Christine Lagarde talks about -- basically she predicts some major event to occur at around 7/20/2014.


Using similar numerology we can get the following from the downed Malaysian flight.

The aircraft type was Boeing 777
Flight 17
It crashed on 7/17/14 (14=7+7)
The maiden flight of the crashed aircraft occurred on 7/17/97 (97=9+7=16)-(1+6 =7)
7/17/97 to 7/17/14: The aircraft had 17 years in service

The uploader of the video predicts 7/20 although that is his extrapolation of the g7 and g20 hints given. He may be wrong. However, keep in might the crash occurred at 7/17 and now as the institutions write up their response, the main stream media jump on board, perhaps in a few days on 7/20 we will see something major go down. Perhaps this could be the precursor to WW3 or something else. Source