Same Humanoid Figure on Moon spotted again 600 km from its first location

In our article Odd Humanoid Figure Spotted on the Moon we wrote about an strange shaped object spotted on Google Moon.

There is much doubt whether this object is a camera glitch, a strange rock formation, a cast shadow of a natural standing object or even a humanoid figure.

But it is getting stranger, our contributor 葉小如 submitted us new coordinates showing the same humanoid figure about 600 km from its first location.

It seems impossible that the same object/humanoid figure is spotted again on Google Moon, but I have to admit, it’s there again.

Again a camera glitch or… there are identical rock formations and shadows on the moon?

Or… they are using the same layers /photos for Google Moon to cover the real lunar surface in an attempt to cover up all evidence of extraterrestrial activities on the Moon?

Here is the object what looks like a humanoid figure walking around on the Moon.

The coordinates: 27°34'26.35"N 19°36'4.75"W (First location)
The coordinates: 26°47'35.88"N 3°10'30.59"E (Second location)


  1. Great stuff. Keep it coming. Very suspiciou s indeed.

  2. Damned illegal aliens, someone should build a fence around the moon. lmao

  3. I found three more:
    27◦33’13.32”N 06◦07’30.26”W – SSE of the Bancroft Crater
    27◦23’41.59”N 03◦27’25.62”W – NE of the Rimae Archimedes
    27◦04’22.73”N 00◦32’20.33”E – North of the Palus Putredinis Plain
    It's all the same shape so I figure it is something with the camera or the film paper they used...
    or it could be that giants live on the moon.

  4. As captivating as this is, I believe it to be an artefact of the lens in each individual image. I stopped counting after finding 26 further examples extrapolated along a perfect line at regular intervals, and at more or less exactly the same distance from the edge of the satellite image path. This is one explanation at least, although there is nothing to say that these images weren't planted to obfuscate the original, but it isn't as likely. Here are the coords if you care to look: 21°54'46.93" N 28°34'37.85" E; 22°14'35.09" N 27°21'51.45" E; 22°33'16.73" N 26°08'48.30" E; 22°52'43.41" N 24°54'21.87" E; 24°54'08.92" N 16°03'47.17" E; 25°08'25.18" N 14°47'24.57" E; 25°48'04.44" N 10°55'14.96" E; 26°19'09.55" N 7°04'34.45" E; 26°28'46.76" N 5°47'03.44" E ; 26°36'06.98" N 4°30'11.53" E ; 26°47'20.21" N 3°10'16.30" E ; 26°47'24.02" N 3°10'26.27" E ; 26°47'35.88"N 3°10'30.59"E; 26°56'50.00" N 1°51'03.59" E ; 27°04'22.73"N 00°32'20.33"E; 27°11'21.26" N 0°46'50.80" W ; 27°16'57.15" N 25°00'36.41" W; 27°22'58.65" N 23°40'07.73" W; 27°23'41.59"N 03°27'25.62"W; 27°28'10.70" N 4°46'40.83" W; 27°33'13.32"N 06°07'30.26"W; 27°34'26.35"N 19°36'4.75"W; 27°36'58.91" N 18°15'02.44" W ; 27°37'29.55" N 7°28'22.79" W; 27°40'47.84" N 16°54'16.86" W; 27°40'52.28" N 8°49'01.20" W ; 27°44'59.52" N 11°30'38.56" W ; 27°46'01.00" N 12°51'49.15" W

    Also note the repetition of the pattern of black marks in the vicinity of the "man/shadow" at each coord.


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