UFO over Oregon, USA - Ebani over Milan, Italy - July 11, 2014

D. Robbins, Troutdale, Oregon USA captured an unknown object on July 1, 2014. At first we thought it was a camera reflection but it appears that is not the explanation for this phenomenon.

Contactee Antonio Urzi, Milan, Italy recorded with his camera: Canon EOS 60D with 1000mm telephoto zoom lenses, an interesting object, a so-called 'Ebani' on July 6, 2014.

We are not sure what these object are, of course it is possible that it might be a natural phenomenon or CGI (Computer-generated imagery), what you think?



  1. we must take action and choose which side to be on its either our side or their side. our generation doesn't seek another world war.

  2. Loved this footage which is obviously real, can any scientists please explain us what is this ??? I mean WTF !


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