Circle of Lights similar to 'Houston UFO' photographed over San Antonio/Austin in Texas

Witness stated: "While on vacation in Austin Texas, we had been staying at a resort to swim. While my parents were checking us in, me and my friend were anxious to take pictures to show friends.

While taking pictures we did not notice anything, until we got him and started going through our picture my friend and I noticed at the top of our picture, was little circles of light, almost in a perfect oval, all the exact same size.

We cannot tell if they are their own objects, or may possible be the bottom of an UFO. This picture is too weird to be explained".

The photographer captured the circle of lights on July 15, 2014, nearly a month earlier than the UFO sighting in Houston.

Of course there is always the possibility that the circle is caused by a reflection from the camera, but two almost similar sightings in the same area within one month... coincidence? (Link original image).