Curiosity captured fossilized skull on Mars?

Mars Rover Curiosity captured a fossilized skull of an ancient human ancestor that died long time ago?

Or maybe this object is part of an ancient statue or just a rock, but honestly I do not know what to think about this object what looks as a human-like face.

Original photographs: SOL 714

Here are the links to the original SOL 714 images:


  1. I am a believer of possible intelligent life existing on Mars in the past. But this (and some other posts) is just trying to see something where the might very slightly be. The "skull" I can perhaps see a side on view of a skull so I will give that but the "rats" and the "artificial" sections is just taking it too far. That kind of thing gives ammo to those who feel we are "crackpots" and "conspiracy theorists". I don't want to put people off searching but there is a limit and sometimes some people who are so desperate to show others they are right take it too far and do the complete opposite. I do love the site though.

  2. ^^well said and I agree 100%. These bogus rock claims are pretty lame amd I have rocks in my backyard that look like all kinds of things. Especially with shadows and a camera. I hate to discount any possibilities but this is erronious.


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