Giant Angel, UFOs and Alien Anomalies near our Sun - Aug 22, 2014

You need to know and remember that objects and anomalies near the Sun are not recording errors are not noisy equipment and are not coronal mass ejections from the sun, or the solar wind.

For example, the angelic object, this is a real giant unidentified object, which have correct geometrical shape and different sizes.

The disappearance of the sun in space!

We see the stars, but do not see the sun! The sun disappears for a moment of time and people may not notice it, but the satellite was able to take a picture of this phenomenon.

Phenomenon at around 0.46. This is a real phenomenon that occurs periodically and is not an error in the recording and not the fault of the satellite photos.

The Sun - a hologram, the Sun - a portal?



  1. Now I think we all know by now that UFO's do roam the sun's vicinity, there's just too many pictures to prove their existence. If we are going to be honest the Sun vanishing seems way too far fetched, impossible but then again everything we think we know in the realms of space and science could be wrong! It's strange how those objects near the sun are dotted around it's circumference and then the Sun seemingly vanishes out of sight for a moment. Suppose those objects interacted to create some kind of shield across the Sun, or generate a holographic projection...could that be true? Then if this is true what are the intentions? Could it be that they have the technology to shield us from harmful solar flares or is it to harness energy? Could they be negative entities that are preparing some big event or have the power to shut down our power source?

  2. They have blocked what I am trying to tell you all


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