Hello ESA: “Here’s your real ‘Alien’ Face on Comet 67P/ Rosetta”!

A new photo from Europe's Rosetta spacecraft has captured what appears to be a face on a comet in deep space, even if it's only a fun optical illusion.

But the latest photograph of the Comet 67P shows a really amazing face. Most likely it is another optical illusion, but it looks like a real 'Alien' face.

Officials with the German Aerospace Center's youth portal DLR_next (@DLR_next) spotted the first 'face illusion' visible on the right side of the comet and pointed it out on Twitter. DLR is one of the European Space Agency members participating in the Rosetta comet-chasing mission.

Video shows three faces: ESA face, a second face and the latest one, the 'Alien' face.


Link original photographs: