Incredible: Ancient humanoid figure positioned as a ‘ritual’ statue on Mars

While surfing on Google Mars, I noticed a strange unnatural looking structure on the surface, near the Gale Crater, of Mars.

The object looks like a mummified human- or alien figure, positioned as a 'ritual' statue in front of a cave.

Is this humanoid figure linked to our ancestors and who is he and where did he came from? 

In my opinion, this humanoid figure is real (head, body, left hand/arm are clearly visible) and not an optical illusion or an artifact produced by a cosmic ray or a rock formation.

Here are the ‘Google Mars’ coordinates: 5°23'33.46"S 138°17'47.60"E
Tip: Zoom in on object and about 45 degree turn.


  1. I think someone needs their eyes tested. There's nothing remotely resembling anything "humanoid" in any of these pictures - or the video. Even the "Face Of Mars" looks more humanoid than anything here. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  2. I have tried squinting my eyes every which way and I don see it. I even tried putting lime juice in my eyes and still dont see it. I have dropped a haggarty duce before that resembles a humanoid figure more than this shite. Comon this is utter bullocs.

  3. I see a human head with the body of a cockroach.


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