Latest Crop Circle in Wiltshire UK shows unexpected astronomical event on 9-9-14?

New amazing Crop Circles have appeared in:

Parkers Hill Plantation, nr Cherington, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. Reported 27th July.

Green Street, Nr Avebury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Reported 29th July.

Roundway Hill, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Reported 30th July.

Especially the circle near Roundway Hill in Wiltshire is a weird circle with lots of surprises. It shows the geocentric locations of planets, Mars, the Moon and the Sun in our solar system.

The geometric work in the circle seems to refer to an unexpected astronomical event on 9-9-14 (September 9, 2014).

Image above: Credits geometric work to Luke Falcon. Read here the full description/analysis on the crop circle near Round way Hill.

Aerial view of the Roundway, Wiltshire Crop Circle.