UFO Sightings: Remarkable Eyewitness Reports #08 - Aug 8, 2014

1: Strange ball in the sky -Laramie WY, US 
Mufon case 58751 – June 2, 2014

My wife and I were taking some pictures of a church close to Walmart in Laramie (Wyoming) around 18:30 on June 2 2014.

A series of shots were taken and when we looked at the photos later we found this weird looking round object which appears in between two shots.

I cannot identify what it is, maybe it is just a bird seen from a weird angle. I just thought I'd report it in case this is of any interest.

2: Metallic looking craft - Port Macquarie AU
Mufon case 58741 – July 29, 2014

I was filming the sky due to a heavy chemtrail assault happening out west over the mountains.

When I was checking my footage later in the day I saw what appears to be craft of moderate size zooming in and out of the clouds...

a flat mushroom shaped craft with a dark grey metallic look with highly reflective surfaces.

3: Brighter than Sirius in wrong place like star, then after 10 minutes path East and split in 3 smaller objects moving near each other. Bydgoszcz, PL
Mufon case 58737 – Reported on Aug 8, 2014 – Original date of sighting: Nov 27, 1997.

It was not burning, so it was no falling star - which I personally love to watch and cross fingers - neither it was some falling and burning satellite etc.

After one length between ALgenib - Scheat from Pegasus constellation, it was split in 3 same pieces, going still slowly to the East and they didn't stopped at all for the time of splitting ... The whole event took about 10-15 minutes, in which there was a descent, minimal but it was.

Since then I am afraid of going alone to the forest which I really love the nature and dark, and I feel being observed there. It means I feel not alone. Sometimes I cry inside, why I am not there but on Earth. Many times I go to the forest, even when I feel its scary for me and something is pulling me inside the forest, just like the forest is some kind of aphrodisiac and I don’t mean the dark of it.

It mesmerizes me whole time. When I look at the sky I see a lot of moving white light without blinking. I was thinking they are satellites, moving on the night sky, but wait, I shouldn't see them with bared, naked eyes.

Most probably it were 2 objects attached to one bigger somehow or one big made of 3 pieces, probably triangles. It was beautiful, so natural and flawless. I waited so many years to be sure.

4: Red/orange/yellow orb hovering, disappearing, and reappearing three times. In Hays KS, US 
Mufon case 58735 – Aug 7, 2014

I was getting ready to leave my parents' house to go home and was talking to my mother out in the front yard.

At 10:40 P.M. out toward the horizon above the tree line there was a single spherical shape red/orange/yellow in color. The light emanating from the object never had blinking lights, instead it pulsated randomly. The object flew along a path, then seemed to hover and its light steadily and quickly disappeared. The object then reappeared at 10:45 P.M. and 10:50 P.M. where it seemed to take the exact same path with the exact same characteristics.

We waited to see if the object would reappear for a fourth time but it never did, not where we were looking anyway. After my mother and I witnessed the object for the second time I called my brother to have him come out where the 3 of us were able to witness the last event at 10:50 P.M.

5: UFO-like object like a mist above the event campsite next to RAF St Mawgan, Newquay, UK
Mufon case 58747 – Aug 7, 2014.

The object was not seen until the pictures were observed. It was only visible in one picture which were taken within a couple of seconds.


  1. I spotted 2 distinct pinpoints of orangy light within minutes of each other what appeared to be very high in the atmosphere travelling in a southerly direction over NJ. They were directly overhead and covered about 45 degrees of sky in a matter of 20 seconds or so. They were barely visible and smaller than the stars. This was around 9:00pm August 13, 2014

  2. When I was about 16, a friend and I were coming back from the usual Friday/Saturday keg campfire in the local woods,a kind of secret place unknown from our parents.My brother's friend and I decided to leave and go to a place high on a hilltop we all called "the circle". We were talking about nothing in particular and I admit we smoked 1/2 a J.(marijuana),and no,it was not laced with anything. Chris was his name but I will keep his last name anonymous.I was sitting on the hood of his car and he was standing next to me.we were looking up at all the stars just admiring the night sky, when all of a sudden a bright white yellowish light flew across the sky at such a speed that I've never seen any airplane or anything else come even close to the speed that this object was moving. suddenly in mid air it just stopped it was very far away in the distance but big enough for us to see it did not resemble an airplane whatsoever! Chris became uncomfortable and wanted to leave right away, however I've been so curious about these things that I didn't want to leave one to two seconds later I'm guessing because you know how time flies what you watching these things it's like time stops so I know better it was probably about 2 seconds.suddenly the object you straight out into the night sky straight away, Mike into the universe, until it just disappeared cuz it went so far away, straight out like I said.after that happened I was in awe, and sure a little scared. Chris was driving so he said he wanted to go so I had no choice. what was so strange about it was it felt like it observe desk and then shot off into space.there is a lot more to the story but I don't know if anybody is going to believe me.anyone wants to know the rest of the story and don't judge me I will tell the rest of the story, because it sounds crazy but what happen in the next few weeks it was very real to me.I would also like to talk to a few more people that have had experiences, no wackos please


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